The last 12 months have seen many improvements in our facilities both visible and invisible.

The most obvious visible improvement has been the resurfacing of the car park which we were able to carry out with the aid of a donation from the Parish Council for part of the work.

The other visible improvement has been to the garden in front of the Parish Council Office, this area has been a play area for children for over 5 years with swings and a slide, but the equipment was worn and the grass in poor condition, it was therefore deemed necessary to remove this and replace with something new.

After investigation and talking to parents, we decided against more swings and commissioned a purpose built wooden truck which was kindly built by a local resident with exceptional woodworking skills.  It is the centrepiece of the new garden area which also includes a hopscotch path, AstroTurf grass and seating for parents and is contained within a gated area for safety.

A further safety measure installed this year has been new state of the art CCTV, we had an old system which had become impossible to repair so we contacted Justice Fire and Security who had fitted our new Fire Alarm last year and they were commissioned to undertake the work on the new CCTV system.  We now have 12 cameras inside and outside for the peace of mind of our staff and customers. We also installed new air conditioning units in the Old Barn which is our main function suite.

Further work is currently being carried out in the Old Barn with the upgrading of the Disabled Toilet facilities and Baby Changing.  We were very fortunate to receive a small grant from the Local Co-Op shop which has paid for the materials for this work, which is being carried out inhouse by our Caretaker/Handyman Ian Porter.

We continue to try to keep on top of the massive amount of maintenance involved in keeping period buildings such as we have here in the best condition possible for the maximum enjoyment of the local community.